Endowment Fund

Educating the community is a process and not an event. We have made commitment to the community that inshallah we will ensure that not a single student is denied the right of education for financial reasons. In order to fulfill our promise we have created an Education Endowment Fund with a target of Rs. 300 million. Alhamdollilah we have so far generated Rs. 60 million and approaching the potential donors locally and internationally to reach the target. We believe that income generated from the fund will inshallah be enough to meet the educational needs of the students. The Placement of Endowment Funds is overseen by a highly competent Finance Committee which ensure that the investments are not only safe but yield good returns. You can also be part of this noble cause by donating generously to the endowment fund. Each unit is Rs. 50,000 (US$ 600).

Remember donations to Dhoraji Youth Services Foundation are exempt from Income-tax in Pakistan. See the Income-tax Exemption Certificate.

You can send your donations directly to our Education Endowment Account as per the details below.


Bank Account Details:

Account Title Dhoraji Youth Services Foundation- Education Endowment Fund
Name of the Bank Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd.
Branch Dhoraji Colony, Karachi Pakistan
Account No 0133-20311-150473
Branch Code 033