Donations & Zakat

Q No.1: How can one make donations & zakat contributions to DYSF DYSF encourages the Community at large and all others to give their donations & zakat contributions to DYSF. Donations are strictly used for education scholarships while zakat funds are disbursed for medical treatment of needy & deserving patients.
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Q No.1: How does one apply for scholarship funds at DYSF Scholarships are offered on merit & need basis and forms can be downloaded from our website and completed forms should be submitted to DYSF Secretariat for further processing. Interviews with both students & parents will be scheduled & advised accordingly.
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Q No.1: How can one become a volunteer called ‘Shaheens’ at DYSF Membership forms for becoming a Shaheen can be downloaded from the website and completed form should be submitted to the DYSF Secretariat for further action.
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Q No.1: Why was DYSF formed DYSF previously called Dhoraji Youth Services was established by a group of young Dhoraji professionals who wanted to provide the Community with a platform to promote education, employment & health related aspects.
Q No.2: Who looks after the affairs of DYSF DYSF has a well defined Memorandum of Articles with a dedicated Board of Governors (names & brief profiles are available on the website) who meet regularly to monitor the workings of this organization.
Q No.3: How are the financial matters of DYSF monitored Under the Treasurer in conjunction with the Finance Committee the financial workings are monitored. Annual accounts are audited by independent auditors for financial transparency.
Q No.4: Does DYSF have any foreign affiliations : Yes, DYSF is proud to be affiliated with a social NGO called Friends of Humanity of USA and collaborates with them on various social, academic & other programs. Besides this DYSF is also in constant contact with Community members in Saudia, UAE, UK, USA & Canada for its fund raising & other activities.
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