Discover the Apna Aap Sun, 10 Oct 2010

After giving the Dhoraji Youth a chance to sharpen their communication skills through BOL, Shaheens geared together to help young people Discover the Apna Aap.

On 10.10.10 the renowned KAMRAN RIZVI - Founding Director of Navitus and SOL, and SOHAIL ZINDANI - Founder and chief learning officer of Learning Minds led 250 youngsters to explore their talents and stretch beyond limits.

Kamran Rizvi stated profoundly: Mai insan nahi, admi hoon. He based our life on a power-filled abbreviation AVIRA: Awareness, Vision, Inspiration, Responsibility and Action. Sohail Zindani’s greatest advice was to not let an MBA become: Ctrl A, Ctrl C, Ctrl V = MBA

BOL’s 3 hours and 50 people progressed to DHOOND’s 5 hours and 250 people. We look forward to many more hours and lots more Dhoraji Youth in our upcoming development workshops!

Joining Hands 2010

Fri, 19 Mar 2010

Joining Hands is a fund raising dinner for young Dhoraji professionals with one objective:
Recipients of Today, Donors of Tomorrow. 

JH’s 3rd episode was witnessed on 19th March, 2010 with more than 130 professionals.  It involved the youth in community development and responsibility sharing. Through enthusiastic donors from both Pakistan and overseas, we received pledges of more than 500 units (where 1 unit= Rs. 1000). Hence, raising PKR 1 Million in one go! We wish to grow this small funding into miraculous amounts through your help and we believe that one day our young audience at JH will help support 50% of our scholarships! 


Sun, 26 Jul 2009

Little we knew that the workshop awaiting us on 26th July, 2009 will become a way for an exciting development journey ahead. BOL, a communication skills training, was conducted by a trainer of the popular School of Leadership, Umair Jaliawala. The workshop included ice breaking sessions, activities and examples from real life personalities teaching the young attendees to overcome their fear and embracing confidence. 

BOL was all about speaking your heart out and its key lesson lies in Allama Iqbal’s verse:

“ Khudee ko kar buland itna keh har taqdeer sey pehley,
Khuda bandey sey poochey keh bata tery raza kiya hai ”

Career Counseling Program

Sun, 31 May 2009

Career Counseling is a weekly feature by DYSF open for all. Students benefit immensely from these sessions a they learn about their fields of interest, ways to choose a successful career  and how they can take the next step. 

Twice a year these sessions are taken on to a bigger scale. In May 2009 experienced professionals were invited to guide these students on their career and academic path. Diverse fields like Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Business Administration, Fashion Design, Architecture, ACCA were discussed telling students about top institutes for these studies and opportunities in future. 

These programs are especially helpful for Matric, O’Levels, Inter and A’Levels students as they are often unsure about what they plan to do ahead and why.  DYSF will continue these programs and make them bigger and better in future!

Dental Camps

Sun, 26 Apr 2009

With a strong force of  Dr. Ashraf Konchwala-  a leading dentist of the community,  and dedicated practicing students, DYSF often  presents the opportunity to combat toothaches. 26th April and 10th May in 2009, witnessed similar successful battles against dental nightmares where people from Dhoraji and New Dhoraji got free dental check-ups. Fresh graduates gain experience and our community gains from their expertise!

We look forward to increasing our numbers from 2 dental camps, 10 dentists and 500 visitors to many more in the future!